Kathi Lamm, Master Photographer                    Wilsonville, Oregon                        (503) 682-2277

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I'm writing to tell you of how grateful I am for the photos you took of Lisa and her goldens, Gracie and Lucie. Gracie died suddenly this past November and now Lucie is on end of life care as she has stage 4 lymphoma. Needless to say, those photos are more precious than ever and I so appreciate your skillful photography.  -  Linda


In today’s world it is easy to snap pictures, but they simply can’t replace the value of professional portraiture filling the walls of your home and telling your story.  Kathi has been our go to photographer for years, creating lasting and treasured memories of Marty and our 4 legged kids. Her farm offers a great backdrop for fun and relaxed portraits of people and their pets. We highly recommend Kathi!      
                                                              -  Marty and Janis



Having long admired the manner in which Kathi captures the essence of her subjects, I knew it was an absolute necessity to have her immortalize my Corgis, and she has! The most telling comment from recipients of their pictures is “ How did she get them to do that!”        - Gloria


We had photos taken of both of our litters of yellow lab puppies. People who have seen the photos are always asking, “How did you get all of them to sit so still? The truth is we didn’t! We tell them it’s because we have the greatest photographer!
Kathi's knowledge of animals and her patience with them is the reason. She really knows how to capture their personalities and our love for them.   
                                     -  Shelley and Steve



I had always admired the GREAT photographs of people and their pets done by Lamm photography in our veterinarians office, NOW it means so much to me, to have a lasting memory of my sweet Bumpity Beau.
Kathi was wonderful, she captured his image despite the ravages of his terminal illness. She was tender, soft-spoken, patient and kind in working with both of us, at this delicate time. She captured his alertness, curiosity and confidence before he was too ill, and gave me a smiling, happy remembrance of him. Thanks .    - Raylene  

  Kathi did not just take a photo of our dog; she captured the love of life and soul of our best friend! We are so glad we finally had this done!       - Dennis and Laurie  

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